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Absolute VG - Camfil

Energy saving HEPA filter performance in a lightweight, easy to change design. The Camfil Absolute VG provides high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration for critical appliion processes. Its critical media mass, more than twice that of standard HEPA filters, ensures low resistance to airflow for optimal energy

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MEGAcel® I ePTFE. Lower energy consumption – greater than 40% lower resistance as compared to 292 mm depth high capacity HEPA filters. AAF ePTFE Filtration Technology media coines ultra-high efficiency with lowest pressure drop. Highly resistant to corrosive environments (acids, alkalis, and organic substances)

Not all HEPA Filters are the Same - Power Engineering

22/5/2017· Not all HEPA filters are the same…. When it comes to HEPA filtration, there are two main options to select from: a filter made from Microfiber …

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EPA Efficiency Particulate Air Filter HEPA High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter ULPA Ultra Low Penetration Air Filter Traditional designation for a HEPA: 99.97 @ 0.3μm Traditional designation for an ULPA: 99.999 @ 0.12μm Today we classify at MPPS E10-U17: XX.X5 @ MPPS (Most Penetrating Particle Size) See EN-1822 Filter Classifiion in prior pages.

eFRM and ePTFE Merane HEPA and ULPA Filters

Compact Filters Microglass Flat Panel Filters eFRM and ePTFE Merane HEPA and ULPA Filters. High Temperature Filters HT Compact Filters HT Panel Filters HT HEPA Filters. Gas-Phase Filters GPF Compact Filters GPF Pocket Filters GPF Panel Filters GPF Media GPF


Filter Media Filter Frame Material: ePTFE media Material: Anodized extruded aluminum Pack design: Mini-pleat Sealant: Polyurethane (PU) Separator: Hot-melt Pack depths: 35 mm or 50 mm Standard sizes in mm Nominal Airflow H W D m3/h m3/s 305 305 69 150 0,04 305 610 69 300 0,08 570 570 69 525 0,15

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The AstroCel I filter is available in a variety of efficiencies, including 99.97%, 99.99% and 99.999% on 0.3 micrometer particles

with ePTFE Filtration Technology

21/11/2018· resistant to rough handling in Groundbreaking ePTFE media was engineered by AAF’s research and design transportation and installation • Available efficiencies: H13 and H14 (EN1822:2009) • 99,99% minimum efficiency @ 0,3 µm MEGAcel I HEPA filters are designed to meet the demanding airflow and efficiency requirements of critical

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EPTFE Pleated HEPA Air Purifier Filter. This ePTFE HEPA Filter is designed for HEPA Air Purifiers. Use ePTFE HEPA Filter to remove 99.99% of airborne irritants that pass through the filter

Air filtration: Advantages of PTFE materials

3/4/2019· Air filtration is a key element in controlling the nuer and the size of particles permitted per volume of air in a cleanroom. As we know, the class of the cleanroom is defined by the level of impurities taken out of the air by the filter medium, and there are several filter media available on the market for this purpose.

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HEPA AD ULPA FILTE High Purity SuperFlow® 24 Product Overview • Specifically designed for high airflow appliions requiring HEPA efficiency at an ultra-low pressure drop • Longer life – gasket seal SuperFlow® 24 filters have 400 sq. ft. of …

Item # MEGAcel® II Mini-Pleat High Efficiency Particulate

Both the MEGAcel® II HEPA filter and ePTFE Media are manufactured by AAF Flanders®. By doing so, we can control the quality and consistency of the media. The media is produced in an ISO 7 cleanroom to ensure the purity and cleanliness of the product. The filter is then asseled, tested, and packaged in an ISO 7 clean manufacturing facility

MEGAcel® I ePTFE - AAFThailand

9/6/2020· Product Overview • Lower energy consumption - greater than 40% lower resistance as compared to 292 mm depth high capacity HEPA filters • AAF ePTFE Filtration Technology media coines ultra-high efficiency with lowest pressure drop • Highly resistant to corrosive environments (acids, alkalis, and organic substances) • Negligible offgassing propoerties …

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The consequence is that the energy consumption of the filtration system increases, because cleaning is required more often. In addition, there is more demand on filtration material through the more frequent cleaning, which reduces the service life of the filter bags. In many cases, an ePTFE Merane can provide assistance.

Hepa / Ulpa µ-Glass Filtration Media vs. ePTFE Meranes

5um: 50%~. MAU60%. Clean room. ePTFE: Final filters of MAU have to be H13 glass media Glass media: Final filter of MAU only need to be E10/E11 glass media The air resistance of H11 glass media is only 55% of H13, Using filters made of H11 media as final filters will greatly reduce the energy consumption of MAU.

Jonathan Rajala,Ph.D

behavior of ePTFE merane HEPA filters two tests have been carried out. As a first test an U16 ePTFE merane HEPA filter was sprayed with 500ml of deionized water and dried for 72h. Table 1 shows the results. Table 1: Efficiency, pressure drop and leak test of U16 ePTFE merane HEPA filter before and after wetting and drying.


In 1994 ePTFE merane HEPA-/ULPA-filter for deep filtration, made by Japanese Daikin Industries, revolutionized filtration for microelectronic cleanrooms due to ultralow low emission of volatiles, particularly Br. Nowadays merane HEPA filters based on expanded Fluoro-Resin Merane (eFRM) became available from Daikin Industries.

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2/10/2012· HEPA terminal filters have to meet strict filtration performance criteria but can account for 25–30% of the overall energy consumption in a cleanroom. ePTFE merane media features a significantly lower pressure drop than traditional wet laid media but can also offer greater overall filtration efficiency thanks to its evenly distributed layer of fibres with very fine …

Item # MEGAcel® I High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA

MEGAcel® I HEPA filters are designed to meet the demanding airflow and efficiency requirements of critical appliions in which airborne contaminants must be carefully controlled. Manufactured with high performance ePTFE media and unique tapered aluminum separators, MEGAcel® I filters optimize efficiency while keeping operating costs to a minimum.

MEGAcel® II Ultra-Low Particulate Air (ULPA) Filters with

The MEGAcel® filter is extremely resistant to these harsh conditions and also offers superior efficiency and pressure drop characteristics. Manufactured with high quality ePTFE media, the MEGAcel® filter is water resistant and meets the requirements of UL 900 and ULC S111.

Dust Loading Performance of the PTFE HEPA Media and its

During the service life of HEPA media, their filtration efficiency and pressure drop increase simultaneously as dust is being loaded into the media. However, while the efficiency may be considered as unchanged due to its very high initial efficiency at > 99.95%, special attention should. * Corresponding author.

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Our Range. Air Conditioning. AC Test + Measuring Devices To Safeguard the efficiency and longevity of your Air Conditioning System it is important to Clean the unit and Replace the filters on a regular basis. Regular cleaning ensures the Removal of Mould, Dirt and Harmful Contaminants. Davis + Spence are committed to providing proven tools and accessories to …

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ePTFE Merane Technology Equals Increased Efficiency High durability, high efficiency ePTFE merane helps meet EPA requirements (PM2.5, MACT, NESHAP) and will reduce Total Cost of Ownership with: Reduced emissions (PM10, PM2.5 and Sub-Micron PM) Lower operating differential pressure Longer effective life cycle of bags and pleated bags Aids in recovery from …

with ePTFE Filtration Technology

Independent tests have shown that MEGAcel II HEPA filters with ePTFE Filtration Technology have superior mechanical strength over filters with traditional ultrafine microglass media. Resilient ePTFE Filtration Technology media at fold tip @ 10.000x magnifiion. Fractured ultrafine microglass media fibers at fold tip @ 10.000x magnifiion.

Unm H13 Ptfe Filter Media Eptfe Hepa Filtration Material

Unm H13 Ptfe Filter Media Eptfe Hepa Filtration Material For Ffu , Find Complete Details about Unm H13 Ptfe Filter Media Eptfe Hepa Filtration Material For Ffu,Filtration Material,Eptfe High Efficiency Composite Filter Media,H13 Ptfe Filter Media from Plastic Sheets Supplier or Manufacturer-Suzhou Unique New Material Sci. & Tech. Co., Ltd.

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Filter media 50may have an efficiency of at most 99.97% at 0.3μ (<=HEPA), at least 99.97% at 0.3μ (>=HEPA), greater than about 40% and less than HEPA, or …

Modern PTFE merane based HEPA/ULPA filters for improved

e-PTFE merane structure and cross-section SEM. e-PTFE is a 3 layer composite with 2 layers of PE/PET (Polyethylene/Polyethyleneterephthalate) Scrim on both air entering side and air leaving side. The composite media is uni-directional. ePTFE composite PE/PET Scrim ePTFE merane PE/PET Scrim ePTFE merane. ≈ 0,03 - 0,3 mg/m3.


Performance data is based on IEST-RP-CC-001.6 and EN1822. Test methods incl IEST-RP-CC034.4 HEPA & ULPA Filter leak tests, IEST-RP-CC006 Airflow, NSF49 Biosafety Cabinetry are used in conjuction. Only Quality Conformed and test report results of HEPA/ULPA will be affixed with label on HEPA Filter.


ePTFE Aluminium Hot Melt PU Neoprene, EPDM Downstream Upstream, Both Sides Both Sides Yes No 500 Pa 70ºC UL 900 Lowest pressure drop mini-pleat HEPA filter available AAF’s high tensile strength ePTFE media is up to 84x stronger than micro fibreglass Highly resistant to corrosive environments (acids, alkalis and organic substances)

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There are numerous features and benefits associated with Tetratex ePTFE merane pleatable filter media including: Energy Savings: • Improved dust release characteristics enabling lower compressed air pressure • Lower differential pressure operating limits ensures less compressed air and energy usage • Near-zero emissions to help comply with environmental and workplace …